The Head of Club Toast

President- Ana W.
Vice-President- Melissa S.

Members and Staff

Planners (plan events, etc)- Leslie E., Tariah H., Shanta A.
Members- Kara G., Vouquise C., Tariah H., Jonea S., Mia V., Allison ?, Oyuki M., Dreamer F., Alex O., Brijan S., Amairany A., Renee M., Maira G., Cayce K., Ashley T., Susana M., Katie A., Jasmine A., Shanta A., Allison ?, Samantha T., Justin M., Christopher s., Miguel Z., Tanya S-H., Mary Katherine A., Melissa S., Ana W., Shelby B., Leslie E.
*please note- there are 2 Allisons!! But, they didn't put their last names, so we don't know WHO YOU ARE! **